Colors, colors, colors!

Hello guys, Tyler here with some tech tips that made our life a lot easier when Lauren and I were planning our wedding.

Designing custom stationery can sometimes be tough, especially when a client describes their color scheme as "kind of blue-ish.... well no it's more purple.... umm I guess it's kind of more red?". In our many, many searches on the Web for handy online tools, I stumbled across this gem of a tool:

Basically, you point it to a photo of what inspires you, whether it's something you found online or a picture you've taken yourself, press the big GET PALETTE button and presto, you've got all the hex codes for the colors in the image! Then, you take a few of your favorites and go here:

Enter the hex codes in the "Enter hex codes" box and voila! Instant color scheme including varying tints, the color's triadic and tetradic colors, and its complimentary colors. This makes it extremely handy for not only designing invitations and other stationery you need, but also coming up with an entire color scheme for your wedding to help plan for flower arrangements, linen colors, uplighting, and the works! 

So next time you're stuck trying to describe that "blue-ish, purpley, kind of red" color that you saw on an orchid, just use those handy tools and you'll have a whole color scheme down in no time flat.

 - Tyler