Grooms getting involved!

Hey everyone, Tyler here with my supposed-to-be-weekly-but-can't-ever-remember-to-post post.

Anyway, great article in the Chicago Tribune this past week about how much more active the grooms are getting in the wedding and reception decision making process. One of the real highlights in the article is that weddings are now becoming not so stuffy and formal of an event, and:

Lots of couples are paying for weddings themselves these days and a wedding reception is really about entertaining their friends now," Whitman said. "It really is a celebration and the grooms are concerned how the money is spent. I find that brides make decisions based on what's beautiful and the men join in they want something more meaningful. . .

That quote could have easily been about my wife and I. Almost every decision, ultimately, came down to, "is this going to make our wedding more awesome or less awesome for our family and friends?" and of course we clearly decided for the "more awesome" options!

Moral of the story for all those grooms-to-be? Don't be afraid of going to wedding shows, venue tours, registry shopping trips, and other vendor meetings. Remember, it's one-half your special day too. Make the most of it!