Sea Side Style

With late summer comes all of the beach brides and sea side ceremonies and celebrations.  There are so many unique and interesting ideas for decor and fashion that follow this sandy yet sophisticated style of weddings. From sea shell favors to messages in a bottle, the beach is the place to be or create for your special day.  I have put together an inspiration board for these beatuiful beach ideas to help inspire and get you in the summer sea side mood!


Cake designed by Flour Child Bakery 

Wedding portrait by Abigail Volkman

Sea shell favors and beach stationery are available through my Etsy store


Pretty as a Peacock

The peacock's bold and brilliant feathers can always draw attention, just like the bride wants on her wedding day.  These bejeweled birds and their feathers have become the newest wedding inspiration of the season.  There are so many ways to incorporate this theme into your wedding without going to overboard. Use the feathers in your bouquets, centerpieces, and men's boutennieres.  You can use the colors in your bride's maid dresses and to brighten your table setting.  The peacock itself can add an elegant accent to your stationery and any other printed material or cake decor.  Here is a collection of some of my favorite peacock inspired decorations and wedding elements to help make your wedding pretty as a peacock! 

Find  these and more great ideas at: 

Shabby Chic Succulents

Stylish succulents are all the rage in not only weddings this year, but in home decor as well.  These high style low maintenance plants are pefect for any home, event, or as a gift.  Succulents are great to work with for weddings, because they are low maintenance and they have a very unique look to them.  Not your typical greenery,  these little gems are being used in bouquets, bouteniers, center pieces, and even to decorate cakes.  These make the perfect favor or hostess gift because your friends and family only have to water them once every two weeks.  You can put them in glass flower pot votives or any other small glass or water proof container and they make the perfect place setting accent.  I have put together some images I have found with some succulent use ideas.  Also check out my Etsy store at:

to purchase favors like these and other great rustic inspired decor.

Images from:


Posh Patriotic

With Memorial Day just around the corner you might want to include some star spangled style.  It is very easy to make this theme tacky instead of tasteful.  Try using lighter shades of blue and darker reds to avoid the harsh contrast that primary colors can create.  I have put together some images that illustrate these tips and show you some posh patriotism.

Organic Opulence

In honor of earth day I have put together a collection of eco friendly wedding ideas.  From the recycled paper hearts to fully organic seed paper, there are so many great green options for brides today.  Here are a few of my favorites organic options!

Visit these websites for more ideas:



Gothic Glamour

Not every bride is in to the traditional white and pastel wedding that so many are used to.  More often now we are seeing brides think outside the box and be more dareing in their color and decor choices.  From black on wedding dresses to skulls on the cake offbeat brides are becomig the norm.  I wore a purple and black feather fascinator and my dress is pictured below in the images.   I have put together a little inspiration board for those delightfully dark damsels about to tie the knot, so enjoy and I hope this inspires!

A Bright Summer Palette

This season is all about bright and vibrant colors.   One of the most popular color trends I have seen is tangerine and navy blue.  This color combination provides a high contrast and vibrant accents. I have put together a board of images that I hope will inspire you in your wedding planning venture.

Trendy Typography

This year there are so many unique and inventive styles and trends in the wedding world.  This goes for fashion, decor and even paper.  I found this intersting and informative article on about the to 10 stationery trends of 2012.  I hope this article will spark the creativity you have been looking for and get you started on making a statement with your stationery!

2012 Wedding Stationery Trends

Incredible Edibles!

Here is a great alternative to the traditional wedding favor or even the wedding cake!  The cake pop is becoming more popular with new flavors and decorations to choose from.  This is a great idea for weddings and any other kind of social gathering.  The cake pop is a sweet treat that your guests can enjoy during or after the event.  The size is just right for a favor and portability.  With so many ways to display and decorate these, you can make your wedding pop too!

Creative Casual Wording

I found this humurous and informative aricle on casual invitation wording at  Not everyone wants to "cordially invite" their guests and this entry give links and examples of how to achieve this.  

Read the full article here.

Less is more

In the wedding world the idea that "less is more" is a foreign concept. However, the current trend of shabby chic and rustic styles are bringing simple elegance back in demand. This style is perfect for those budget conscious brides looking to add some style without breaking the bank. There are so many unique and beautiful ideas that have come from this trend. I have found a few images above that may inspire you to create your own simply chic decor.

Paper Flowers

As an artist I am always on the lookout for unique and beautiful ideas.  The newest trend in the wedding world is paper flowers.   Gorgeous and great for those of us on a budget or if you are just looking to make a statement, these bouquets and decor ideas are sure to add that extra artistic touch.  I found this article on Offbeat, check it out for all of these great designs and photos!


Pink and Blue: Not just for Baby Showers

With the wedding season in full bloom we are starting to see the trends that most brides are, or are going to be, following. Bright vibrant colors are all the rage in the bridal world now and there are so many great color palettes coming from them. One of the more popular color schemes we are seeing is brilliant pink and electric blue. I have put together a little inspiration board to show you how beautifully these two seemingly opposite colors can blend together. So go crazy with color this spring and enjoy creating your wedding decor!

Grooms getting involved!

Hey everyone, Tyler here with my supposed-to-be-weekly-but-can't-ever-remember-to-post post.

Anyway, great article in the Chicago Tribune this past week about how much more active the grooms are getting in the wedding and reception decision making process. One of the real highlights in the article is that weddings are now becoming not so stuffy and formal of an event, and:

Lots of couples are paying for weddings themselves these days and a wedding reception is really about entertaining their friends now," Whitman said. "It really is a celebration and the grooms are concerned how the money is spent. I find that brides make decisions based on what's beautiful and the men join in they want something more meaningful. . .

That quote could have easily been about my wife and I. Almost every decision, ultimately, came down to, "is this going to make our wedding more awesome or less awesome for our family and friends?" and of course we clearly decided for the "more awesome" options!

Moral of the story for all those grooms-to-be? Don't be afraid of going to wedding shows, venue tours, registry shopping trips, and other vendor meetings. Remember, it's one-half your special day too. Make the most of it!

How much do you know about wedding etiquette?

Hey everyone!

Planning a wedding is hard, and with wedding season officially in high gear, I decided to start posting some helpful wedding tips every week to help out all you brides-to-be! For this week, I found a really useful quiz from Peggy Post, great-granddaughter-in-law of the famed Emily Post, over on the Huffington Post (phew, so many Posts....). Check it out!

How long should you allow for the printing of formal invitations?

Image courtesy The Huffington Post.

Good luck with your planning!

Portals of Love; VOW 2012

We want to thank all of the brides and vendors who stopped by the booth yesterday.  It was a great experience and a pleasure meeting everyone.  We want to thank Kelly Coronel from Inspired Events by Kelly(, for all of your help and providing the finishing touches to our gorgeous display. I also want to thank Kim Wadsworth and Katherine Byrd for their talent in putting on this great show (! I hope that everyone enjoyed the show and we hear from you all very soon.

Vow bridal show

Hey everyone,
Come see me at the vow show today at the VA Beach Convention Center!
Show starts at 11 and ends at 4. They are giving away a wedding after the fashion show at 3. Also if you book a consultation with me at the show you will receive 10% off! Don't miss it.