Simply Succulents


Stylish succulents are all the rage in not only weddings this year, but in home decor as well.  These high style low maintenance plants are pefect for any home, event, or as a gift.  Succulents are great to work with for weddings, because they are low maintenance and they have a very unique look to them.  Not your typical greenery,  these little gems are being used in bouquets, bouteniers, center pieces, and even to decorate cakes.  These make the perfect favor or hostess gift because your friends and family only have to water them once every two weeks.  You can put them in glass flower pot votives or any other small glass or water proof container and they make the perfect place setting accent.  I have put together some images I have found with some succulent use ideas.  Also check out my Etsy store at:

to purchase favors like these and other great rustic inspired decor.